About MiceWork

About Me and my Mice Stuff

Hello Mice People, and welcome to my Mice Blog!

Let’s start with a proper introduction: my name is Soricel – this means ‘little mouse’ in English :)

I’m a very optimistic person, I have this happy thoughts about everything around and I believe there’s something beautiful in each and everyone of us. Because of who I am (you’ll discover more about me along the way) the word ‘NICE’ turned intro something more personal and powerful – ‘MICE’! Sugar, Spice and everything MICE! So here you go: I am a mice person! And now, so are you! :)

Now that you understand what the word ‘MICE’ will stand for on this page let’s go on with other mice things about me and this blog.

I have a mice job: Yes, I have a mice day to day job! I work as an art-director in a very mice advertising company and if you want to check out my work visit my Behance portfolio – Little Mouse. If you see something mice in there please feel free to like, share or comment!

I have lots of mice hobbies and passions! Because I’m such an open minded person I kind of like many things… sometimes I think TOO many. I get excited about things I’ve never done before and work my a** off to master whatever it is I’m doing new.

As I am an art-director by day I do graphic design, prints, TV ads and 360 campaigns but I also discovered I love the production process of a video – and that’s how I ended up borrowing cameras to shoot videos, learned video-editing and post-processing programs.

I love photography: I took a photography class during my junior years and (so far) it seems to be a love that will last forever.

I also like fashion! I love clothes, mixing and matching and creating a style that suits me. So I ended up buying myself 2 mice sewing machines and started sewing my own clothes or altering old ones to suit my needs and personality.

I LOOOVE make-up! While I was in high-school I used to be the one who took care of every girl’s make-up! I still do that from time to time but as we grew older it became a bit complicated as all of us (BFFs) have jobs, liver further away, in bigger cities and our schedules don’t always match up. But there’s a ‘Professional Make-up Class’ on my to-do list. So, beauty-industry, prepare for my soon to come Mice Make-Up!

I could go on and on with my hobbies and never finish this ‘About me’ section. So I’ll stop here, and let you discover who I am through my mice blog posts.

Why this Mice Work Blog?

As I already told you, I do a lot of stuff and I have the tendency to try and do it as professional as I can – so there’s lots of research involved, white nights, tons of coffee, trial and error moments but I eventually and up with some mice work!

All the things I learn in the process are things to share with you, mice reader (hopefully, soon to be Mice Follower! :) ) I want to share all these so you can have a laugh at my failed ‘experiments’, learn from my successful ones and  get inspired for another mice day in your life!

We are all beautiful, mice people! Don’t let excuses like lack of money or free time destroy your beauty, your self esteem, your dreams and pleasures! Fight, work harder, keep your head up and enjoy every little second of this mice life you have!


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