mProject: Bow-Tie

Hello Mice People!

As this is going to be my first real mice post I want it to be special and that’s why I’m gonna tell you the story of my first sewing machine, my first time operating a sewing machine and my first sewing project: a bow-tie.

So here it goes!

I wanted a sewing machine for a very long time as I grew up with my grandma who used to be a seamstress and during my childhood she made me and my dolls lots of cute little dresses. I used to love that and I even tried to learn some tricks here and there about sewing. But as you can see I had to wait a coupe of years and grow old enough to have my own money and buy my own things!

So eventually I put some money aside, and bought myself a sewing machine! Meet my Mice baby, a Singer Talent 3321.

Singer Talent - My mice baby
The night I brought her home, un-boxed her and set her on my working table!

With this beautiful baby on my table I kind of got cold feet and ‘wasted’ a couple of weeks researching stuff about sewing and how to use the machine. I was afraid I’d ‘break it’ somehow or ruin some mice piece of fabric.

Eventually I realized I had to get over my fears and start somewhere‘Let’s start small’ I said. ‘Let’s make a bow-tie! It uses just a scrap of fabric and doesn’t need much sewing!’

I kind of had some thoughts on how a bow-tie is made but to make sure I did everything ‘by-the-book’ I did a little more research and eventually found what seemed to be the most professional tutorial out there. If interested see the tutorial here.

What you’ll need for a mice bow-tie:

  • 2 pieces of fabric 11x24cm for the bow itself – I recommend making a first bow tie with this dimensions and adjust them in the future according to your needs; I tend to adjust it according to the fabric I use or the person I make the bow tie for;
    2 pieces of interfacing the same size as the bow, in this case 11x24cm;
    1 piece of fabric 8x5cm for the central piece that ties the bow together – it actually depends on how wide you want it;
    another long piece 61x6cm for the strap that goes around the neck – I honestly tend to skip this part and just use a hard/stiff ribbon, in black or some neutral color. It’s much easier and faster;
    a set of bow tie hardware: a hook, an eye and a slider;
  • needle and thread – for hand sewing some stuff :))
  • the obvious stuff like measuring tape (a 30cm ruler works just fine), scissors, maybe some pins and some sewing chalk.

How to make a mice bow-tie:

Unfortunately I don’t have the individual pictures anymore to show you the step by step process but I still have this:

Almost the entire process of making my first bow-tie in one picture.
Almost the entire process of making my first bow-tie in one picture.
  1. Cut out all the pieces of fabric and the interfacing and iron the interfacing to the 2 pieces of the bow tie;
  2. Fold the 2 pieces of the bow tie (the interfacing is in the inside) on its length so you get the long raw edges together right down the middle of the piece you’re working on. Then do the same type of folding on its width;
  3. Sew them down as close to the center as possible;
  4. Face the two pieces ‘wrong-sides’ together (it’s not actually a wrong side but it has loose raw edges and we’ll just call it the wrong side) and stitch them right down the middle;
  5. Use your fingers to create the creases you want in the bow tie and them stitch them down using a needle and thread;
    6. Fold the long piece in half, stitch it right sides together – make sure it fits the slider – turn it inside out and press it down – as I already said, after some trial and error, I decided it’s easier to buy some stiff ribbon that fits through the slider and just use that as a neck strap piece;
  6. Attach the bow tie hardware to the strap and then attach the strap to the bow part.
  7. Fold the central piece on its lengths as you did with the bow parts and then wrap it around the bow and stitch it in place – be careful to make a mice hand stitch that shows as little as possible in order to get a more professional look to your new bow-tie.

*in case of emergency – you don’t understand some of the steps above, or something doesn’t feel right while you’re doing this – just drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to help!

Not to steal the light from my first bow tie in any way, but just for the fun of it, here are some other two mice bow ties I did the next day – I actually got on some sort of bow tie frenzy that lasted a couple of weeks after my first experiment. Now my boy will have mice bow ties to wear all his life – and if he needs a different style or color, Mice Work will immediately craft him a new one! :))

Two more pieces I made during my bow-tie-frenzy :))

I know this might sound a bit complicated, but once you read through this and/or watch the tutorial I shared above, trust me, you’re ready to make your own mice bow-tie.

Now, mice reader, you just go grab your stuff and start putting things together without any fears! There’s nothing that can go wrong, there’s nothing to ruin! Only beautiful things can come out of your hands if you just put some heart into it! :)

If you have any questions or requests or if you think this is mice (or not) just leave a comment or share your love using the buttons below!

Have a Mice day, my dears!


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