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What I’ll wear for Christmas…

My dear mice ladies,

I’ve seen a lot of posts and pictures and articles about what to wear this holiday season and at first I thought I should do a blog post about this too.

I just had to find some pretty dresses, get the links and prices and tag them as #Micetowear for holidays… So I prepared the post. I’ve written it nicely, embellished it with some pretty pictures and spicy comments. I even got dreamy and added some more off-the-budget pieces that I would love to wear if I was a rich girl…

Then, after a good night sleep I read the draft post one more time to see if it needed any adjustments and I realized: “It’s not me! It’s not who I am and what Mice Work stands for!” 

So I decided to write this post instead! A post that really represents me and it’s not just written to fit in the pattern of the usual holiday posts!

I still like the dresses I’ve picked (see them below)…

Rochie AUDREY eleganta - Negru-STK
Nife – 113 lei
MOJA dress – 299 lei
ASOS Sequin Cowl Back Mini Dress
ASOS Sequin Cowl Back Mini Dress – €78.57
ASOS Sequin Kimono Maxi - €121.43
ASOS Sequin Kimono Maxi – €121.43

but I don’t think holidays are about dresses…


I think holidays are about friends and family, about sharing and caring, about being close to each other and about giving as much love as we can to everyone around us! We should focus on seeing and meeting, or at least greeting, all of our friends that have been beside us throughout the year.

free Christmas "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Chalkboard Printable
Really try and do this! – via Pinterest

We must try to make us beautiful in the inside! So, Mice Ladies, this time of year try and get some food for your soul!

Focus on bringing smiles to faces of the ones we love. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a text message, a phone call, a gift or a warm hug. Just do your best to make them happy!

Happiness cannot be traveled to , owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love , grace and gratitude .
Happy-mood activated! – via Pinterest

Do something small, that might even seem crazy, just for you: read a book or find out Santa’s real story; bake some cookies and fill your entire house with the smell of Christmas; go ice-skating with the BFFs from high-school; spend a day in bed and watch all the cheesy Christmas movies; go buy your dog/cat a little present and enjoy every second of your animal tearing it to tiny little pieces; do whatever it is that brings joy to your eyes and soul, puts a smile upon your face and makes you reboot after a year of working your a… ahahmm… after a year of working like crazy!

For happy souls! – via Pinterest

Girls, just have the best Holidays time ever! 

Yes, I know! We still wanna look gorgeous and amazing and dazzling for all that… but honestly, that should be the last thing on our to-do list! We’re already amazing for who we are! We’ll figure something out that exact morning!

We’ll open up our closet, dig to the bottom of it if we need to and we’ll find that lovely dress we haven’t worn for a while! We’ll also find those gorgeous stilettos that make us feel like little princesses (that we are)! Put some makeup on… Remember that red lipstick that you always think is too daring to wear? Now’s the time for it! You can even match it with your red nail polish! :)

Add some glitter and some magical Fairy-dust and you’re good to go!

You are :) you're sleeping right now and I can't help but look at how cute you are when you sleep :) it reminds me of how lucky I am to have finally met the person I truly want to spend the rest of my life with. You're so much different than any guy I've ever met. Thanks to all the douchebags before you. It makes me appreciate how much of a real man you are even more. You are the best thing that's ever been mine @ Devin Pollard <3
YES WE ARE!!! via Pinterest

So, in conclusion, what I’ll wear for Holidays: the amazing ME! I suggest you do the same! :*

Be amazing by being you!

Happy, smiley and cosy Holidays, Mice ladies!


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