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After Christmas Week, before New Year’s Week!

Merry New Year, mice ladies! :)

First of all, I hope you had a marvelous Christmas Week and you are up and running for another crazy and fun week: the New Year’s Week! – yes, for me, each major event has it’s own week – the week you have your birthday, it’s your birthday week ;) – cheers to that!

What did you do this Christmas week? What did I do this Christmas week?…

WARNING: This might be some sort of bonding&connecting post as I suppose we share most of the experiences I’m going to write about down below. :))))

WARNING: Long post because of pictures :P

Mice Work & Christmas Holiday
Mice Work & the Christmas Holiday

So, lets get started with what I did then and I’ll wait for you comments! Let me know what you did and lets see how much we’re alike! :P

1. As people, as mice – I had to finish my ‘Santa Searching’ session… so I had 3 days of running up and down the city to find the perfect gifts for the loved ones.

Looking for  our Mice Santa :)
Looking for our Mice Santa :)

After the shopping session ended, the wrapping begun… I’m usually a MASTER :P in wrapping gifts but this year I was in a hurry so I had to improvise something half an hour before ‘departure’… This is how Mice-Santa’s gifts ended up looking like:

Mice Santa, Mice Gifts
Mice Santa, Mice Gifts

Santa had something special prepared for each little mouse in the family! ;)

2. On the road we go! As I’ve said in my previous post I think Christmas is about people: family & friends having a great time together, sharing and caring and being jolly! So, what I do for Christmas every year: I go to my hometown to spend lots of time with my family and – if I’m lucky – meet&hug&kiss some of my childhood friends…

Unfortunately, this year I was not so lucky…some personal family matters kind of kept me around the perimeter of my parents house… but let’s not talk about sad things, shall we! There’s plenty of time to meet next year! ;)

Road to Happiness :)
Road to Happiness :)

3. When we finally reached the destination called ‘HOME SWEET HOME’ the laziness and eating-ness :))) begun! As we entered the house, we chose our destiny: a seat at the table, with a view over the TV and mother’s cooking area :)))

The best food in the world!
The best food in the world!
Let's eat all the food!!!
Let’s eat all the food!!!

Dear abs and butt – You’re welcome!
Dear tight-leather-top prepared for New-Years Eve, I’m sorry… 

4. As a tradition in our mice house we wait for Santa silently, away from the Christmas Tree and at some point that night someone passes by the tree and screams: ‘OMG!!! Santa’s here!!!’ :))) So, the entire Mice Family gathers around the tree and one by one pick up their gifts!

My MICE Family <3
My MICE Family <3

5. Again, one by one, the mice family members open up their gifts. We make fun of each other, comment on the ‘nature’ of each gift, laugh and tell the story of how Santa purchased that specific present. It usually lasts around 1 to 2 hours :)))) and it’s actually the most fun part of the entire holiday. And it’s not about what’s in the nicely wrapped packages! It’s about us! About being all together and putting smiles on each others faces! PRICELESS!!! <3

What I got from my Mice Santas – yes, in the Mice Family the’s more then one Santa ;) – is going to be the subject of another post! There are many mice things I found in my bags and boxes that I would like to share with you, but if I get started now this post will never end :)))

Until then, I’ll just leave this here… :D

Thank you, Love!
Thank you, Love!

6. Something ‘crazy’ and new that we did this year was this!!!
I don’t actually encourage this as it leaves a lot of mess behind and could be a bit dangerous if the wind is blowing but, I had to try it once!

It felt weird and warm :D
It felt weird and warm :D – Me&Love + Mom&Dad

7. Here comes the food again!!! Cause basically, after the Christmas tree, the presents and the lanterns we just gathered around the kitchen table talking, laughing, watching movies and always EATING! Yes, Wednesday through Sunday! :))

Here are the Food ‘Stars’ of this Christmas:

  • My dad’s fried pork with soy sauce, whine and cognac and other secret ingredients :))) and my fried chicken breast with mustard, honey and soy sauce
Mice cooking
Mice cooking
  • As you might know, Mice like Cheese! So here is our special Christmas Cheese Platter with 6 types of cheese, Seedless White Grapes, some ‘Goose Moose’, and black seeded crunchy bread <3
Say Cheeeese!
Say Cheeeese!
  • COZOTTONE! This dazzling thing is home made by a wonderful and lovely lady I work with! Check out her Cozottone Facebook page here and let yourself be amazed by the wonders her oven can bake! They look amazing but they taste even better then they look! :D

Oana, the Mice Family salutes you and sends your way their thousand thanks! Cozottone was delicious!

Bolo-rei - Cozottone
Bolo-rei – Cozottone
We were very sorry to slice it up...
We were very sorry to slice it up…
Cozottone - inside
Cozottone – gorgeous&yummy slice
Cozottone - inside
Cozottone – inside

8. After 3 days of sun that kind of made me feel like Easter, the SNOW dropped in to save the day! YAAAAAY! So, we went out to clean the paths, our cars and have a little snow-fight!

Luckily no phones were damaged in this process – as they were lying on the kitchen table… so, no! No pictures were taken as we were to busy enjoying the snow wonder! :D

Mice House in Snow
Mice front yard in snow

9. Last but not least: I spent countless hours playing and cuddling my sweet baby! I saved this for the end as I couldn’t find a better place for it in this ‘counting’ process. It was a constant thing regardless of what I was doing: I was eating and cuddling her under the table or feeding her without dad noticing :D; watching movies with her on my lap; sleeping with her next to me; going out in the snow and running around with her and so on. So, my dears, let me introduce you: Zuzu! My little fluffy love! 

My furry love!
My furry love!

What did you do this Christmas week? Family visits? Friends for coffee? Party? Or did you just laid there on the couch, feeling lazy and extremely comfortable and perfect, like I did? :D

Hugs and kisses and lots of energy for New Year’s week! ;)

PS: In case I don’t get to write a new post before New Year – and I probably won’t, as I have to travel for the New Year party and the weather is not really helping…I’ll probably have to leave very early and drive frightened through the snow to the destination… – I would like to wish you all a very very happy and fulfilling New Year! Let’s all meet again here in 2015, on our dear old www, and be even more beautiful, more amazing, more loving and more jolly then the yesteryear! :*



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