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Say what, 2015? Big plans for me?

Happy Mice New Year, My dears!

It’s been already 4 days since the New Year Eve but because I haven’t officially started work yet I still feel like 2014. :))) Starting tomorrow, it will be 2015 for me too…

Until tomorrow morning I have some time to analyze what’s coming at me this year, what I have to be ready for and what my wishes and expectations are for 2015!

Have you set your goals yet? What do you MUST do, HAVE to do, WANT or WISH to do this year? :)

I’ll start the list with what I MUST do this year:

1. Renovate our apartment! Yes, my love and I, are moving together into our new apartment! <3 It’s a mess in there and I shall have to work my magic (DIY stuff) to make it nice and warm and look like home sweet home – and I can hardly wait to do that!!! But we both will have to work our a**es off to make the money for the other things we need for the apartment that we can not handcraft ourselves… (deep sigh…)… and this has to happen in the next couple of months!!!… so fingers crossed! :)

Home <3 – via Pinterest

2. Really learn how to ‘run’ this thing called Mice Blog! I love it and it’s a thing I had in mind for a couple of years now! Different fears and concerns kept me away but now, that I’ve started it, I don’t want it to face a horribly slow death! I want it to be Mice and useful and inspiring for all of you out-there that somehow stumbled upon it… ‘Cause I want you to come back and revisit and read and enjoy it and share it and subscribe and follow and like and… – Isn’t that the ‘wet dream’ of all bloggers? :)))

Cute little mouse – via Pinterest

3. Get my teeth in order! :))) (you’ll see me laughing this hard only in writing!) Yes, even though it’s hard to say this publicly, I’ve got bad teeth. And I’ve had them since childhood. Long story short, I need to gather money and fix this problem if I still want to be able to chew something when I’ll be old and restless! :D

Life is short. Smile while you have teeth!
Cheers to that!!! – via Pinterest

4. Be more efficient at work! As my plans are huge for this new year the way I manage my time and resources is very important! I love my job and I don’t want to mess it up! I’ll still want to get the best out of every project I get but I’ll have to figure out a way to be more efficient and focused in order to get the job done as good or even better than before but in a smaller amount of time as time will be really precious for me this year! :D

My face in 2015

Now, I’ll move to the things I WANT this year. Some of these things below could wait a little longer but I’ll do my best to squeeze as many of them into this years time and/or budget:

5. My Make-Up Courses! After a lot of research online and among make-up-artists friends I kind of chosen my destiny: I know what classes I want to enroll to! But about this we’ll talk in a very near future post as my dream is about to come true… (drum roll….) :D

…soon <3

6. Craft more Mice Work things and maybe even start selling them! :D So, I’ll have to bring my sewing machines back to life as they kind of been in a long ‘winter hibernation’ and start making mice things again! :)

7. Get a new camera and some studio lights! I’m not saying this old baby wasn’t good… she really did her job… it’s just that for the things I want to do (‘artistic’ photos, blog picture, Youtube videos and short ‘movies’/clips), I need a more let’s say ‘powerful’ camera that can shoot in lower light conditions, with higher resolution and that is also video capable :D

8. Major closet cleaning! So, as 2014’s holidays came along, I had to go through my closet and find things to wear and I realized I own too many things I do not use anymore. I’m basically mixing and matching some limited number of items and the rest of the beauties just sit there waiting for their turn… that never comes :(… and they also take up a lot of space and make my daily closet search a lot more complicated! So I decided I shall clean it up this year, give away some of the clothes I don’t wear anymore and maybe even create a Mice Closet Sale here on the blog! :) – (no picture here as I shall develop my own ‘Mice Closet Sale’ logo soon :D)

9. Get a mice little car! Since we’re moving, I started wondering how am I going to get to work and other places fast – it’s worth mentioning now that in the past 6 years I’ve lived relatively close to all my places of interest: school, work, shopping areas, pubs and restaurant :))) and now we’re moving a bit further and that kind of scares me because, as I’ve already told you, this particular year my time is very precious… Buying myself a car is definitely not a must this year, more like a nice to have, but still, since it would be a major investment, it’s worth keeping it on the list and in my mind for future plans :D (it’s also been on the list for quite some time now…so maybe 2020 will be the lucky year, who knows :)))) )

Maybe this will do too! :D

10. GET OURSELVES THE LITTLE FLUFFY KITTEN WE DESERVE! Yes, I know I’m a MOUSE! But I’m a mouse that loves kittens, dogs and any other cute fluffy living creatures out there! :D – So, we’ve been talking about getting a cat for 2 years now! We even decided what type of cat we want, what color and even have a shortlist of names :D but we kept postponing for better times, better housing etc….we always found a reason why it was not the time… 2015 and a New House is the best time! I really hope the little fluffy thing steps in our home-sweet-home the same day we do! <3

And last but not least I’ll continue with the things I want in 2015 that can not be measured in any way in $$$ – THIS APPLIES TO YOU TOO :)

11. Socialize more! We are social creatures and we need to see other people and talk about the weather or our shoes or whatever else comes to mind! So, this year try to meet your friends and acquaintances more often or at least talk to them more often! – hope that keeping up with this blog will help my ‘social’ skills improve a little as, whether I like it or not, now I have to be more ‘connected’ :P

12. Take better care of myself/yourself! This includes working out or doing some kind of sport (I realized I’m not 18 anymore :))) ), eat better and healthier, drink more water, really use my care creams and products after I purchase them and not pass on the routine out of laziness, try to get more sleep then the average 4-5 hours a night (even though I think this sleepless lifestyle it’s kind of ‘genetic’ :D) and whatever else is there to take care about regarding my/your health.

13. Look fabulous every time I/you walk out the door!  This is a difficult task with a day-to-day job that starts in the morning, many plans and things to do after work and nights spent in front of the computer working on different stuff but we shall keep this in mind and try to accommodate some time for ourselves each day! It’s not a disaster today if you slept for 3 hours and you have a hard day ahead of you but it is highly important as a mindset on the long-run: it boosts and lifts our self-esteem, everyday mood, social life and whatever career path we choose, as before you engage in any kind of interaction, the first thing people see is – whether we like it or not – the ‘cover’!

14. Be bold, be beautiful, be nice, be good, be amazing, be strong and focused! Be yourself and feel amazing and dazzling every day! :)

I guess this is it – I have many other things on my ‘2015-To-do-List’ but I tried to keep this written one as ‘short’ :))) as possible and focus on my main objectives! The other things I have in mind will come along as we go through this year! :)

So, what are your plans for 2015 my dear mice fiends? Have you set your goals and objectives yet? – or if you’re a blogger and you’ve already written a post about this, share the link in a comment so I can check it out too! ;)

Thanks for coming back on my little mice blog in this new year and don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe to may blog or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Bloglovin’ and keep up with all the mice things I’ll prepare for you this year!

Lots of love goes your way, from my little mice house to yours! :*

Have a lovely and amazing year!


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