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Birthday week NAILS it! :D #NPOTD

Hello my dear darlings!

As I’ve told you in a previous post, for me, all special events in a year have their own week -for example see here all about the Christmas week. And since I have my birthday this week-end: THIS IS MY BIRTDAY WEEEEEK! :D So Mice-Birthday-Week to meeee! :)

So, the fist post of this special week will be about my-birthday-week-new-favorite-nail-polish! TA-DA!!!! :D

2014 was a long, hard and busy year, and my nails kind of had to suffer from this, as I did not get much time to take care of them properly! I usually did them in a hurry so they would last only 1 or 2 days, and they were, very often, a mess immediately after – as I would touch different things either around the house or my own clothing trying to get out of the house as quickly as possible…

But, as my 2015 resolutions include taking time for myself and trying to look amazing everyday, I decided to start doing this right away and even though for some it might seem like a very small detail, trust me, the way your NAILS look is very important!!! :D

So I finally spared the time to do my nails properly: base coat, 2 coats of color and top coat for protection! :D

  • As a base and top coat I used my old OPI – Natural Nail Strengthener (official website here). I actually bought this little guy from a salon somewhere mid-2014 and I used to be very disappointed about it and thought that the brand is over-appreciated… NOT ANYMORE!

    Since I started using it properly, I realized it is actually pretty amazing. It makes nail polish really last longer and it also makes my nails stronger.

    Applied as a base coat, it really protects the nail so they don’t get stained and as a top coat it protects the color, gives it the perfect shine and prevents it from cracking and peeling off from your nails – this used to happen every time as I did not put the top protective transparent coat.

My new heros :D
My new heroes :D
  • The nail polish I used, is from the Rita Ora Collection from Rimmel London and it’s called 613 Midnight Rendezvous (official website here) and I bought it from DM. I used it a couple of times before, but even though I loved the color, my manicure did not last more then 2 days, tops! So, I was kind of disappointed about this also…

    Now, applied with a base and a top coat, I just LOVE IT! First of all I love the color: it is a dark deep blue with a very subtle violet tone you can see only in certain light conditions. Second, it is very very opaque! I applied 2 coats, but it could work just as fine with only one coat – and I’m really serious about this! :) Third thing I love about it is that it really dries fast!!!

Here are the pics of these two beauties making wonders for ma’ nails :D:

OPI – Natural Nail Strengthener & Rimmel London – Midnight Rendezvous
More artificial light – color looks more blue
Warmer light - the color looks more violet then blue :)
Warmer light – the color looks more violet  :D
Really love this sweater
Really love this sweater

On the first ‘official’ work day of 2015, I wore a nice fluffy grey sweater from ZARA and a statement chain necklace from Stradivarius (Both where actually last year birthday gifts from my beloved friends) + a pair of black tights* and knee-high black boots*

* tights and boots not in the pic as you might have noticed :)), but I promise to redo the look as soon as I find my friend-photographer who is willing to take hundreds of fashion and make-up pictures for free :))))


I did my nails on Sunday morning. Now is Wednesday evening!

In this time I washed clothes one time, washed dishes almost every day, showered every day and washed my hair twice!

And just take a look at my nails after these 4 days:

Right hand
Left hand
Right hand
Right hand

My nails grew a little as you might notice at the base of my nails but the polish is INTACT!

I don’t know about you, but my nail polish lasted this much only when I did my nails at the beauty salon! I AM TRULY AMAZED AND UBER-HAPPY with these two products!

I suspect it’s the OPI lacquer applied both as base and top coat that makes this wonder but I’ll promise to put it to the test with other brand of colored nail polish to see if my suspicion is correct! :D

What nail polish color did you start loving again this week? :)

Have you tried any color from the Rita Ora Collection? How do you like it?

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Lots of love goes your way, from my little mice house to yours! :*


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