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My long overdue Christmas gifts + The most Amazing Gift EVER!

Hey there mice ladies!

I know I’m a bit late with this post and I’m sorry, but until I get my schedule in order and figure out how to: have a job, a blog, a social life, remodel a house, take care of the day-to-day women-in-the-house things, take care of myself, sewing some mice things, eat & sleep every now-and-then and be fabulous each time I walk out the door… all at the same time and within 24H… I’ll probably be a bit off the blog-timetable… But I know you’ll be mice and supportive and you’ll love me either way! :D And I thank you for that! <3

Getting back to our main focus here – what Santa put under the tree…for me – I wanna start by thanking all my little Santas once again as I got a lot of mice and beautiful things from all of them! So, thank you: Mom, Dad, Big-bro, Simona, Deniss, Daniela, Corina, & Baby-boy!


So, I think we should get started with my cute little presents :)

  • A pair of dogs :D – cute and fluffy ones, that you wear around the house to look funny and stay warm :D Sorry about the bad quality but the picture was taken on Christmas Eve when we were all in the opening-presents-and-taking-picture-will-all-cameras frenzy. *the moving white beast you see in the picture I already had*
3 dogs & 2 small Santas
3 dogs & 2 small Santas
  • A very cute hair accessory or necklace or bracelet – whatever I’m in the mood for. It is a golden chain, with tiny white pearls. I kind of love it! :)
One little happy me
  •  The ‘cats’ I always wanted to get for myself but never actually got to! :))) I always had other priorities and emergencies :D but, thank God for a thoughtful mom! <3
2 cats, 2 tails and one little mouse
2 cats, 2 tails and one little mouse
  • One fluffy CATS sweater – it is a butter color with some golden fine threads knitted in. It’s warm and soft. Again, thank you mom for ‘accepting’ my obsession with cats :)))) and for feeding my 5-year-old inner child! :*
4 new cats in the mice family :D
  • Another obsession of mine: cute kitchen stuff! I never bought 2 same mugs or glasses or dishes or anything! I just buy one of every thing I see cute and colorful and mice! This little red one fits my obsession just right and it will take her special place next to the other 2 different ‘Dolly’ mugs I already have. :)
A new Dolly for my Dolly-Mugs-Mini-Collection of 3 :))))
  • A cute little perfume – I remember this guy since I was pretty ‘young’ and I still like it! I never seem to get bored with this little blue nice shaped bottle – it kind of looks like a magic potion bottle! :)
Magic potion!
  • A very special piece of white chocolate! :) I simply love it! The story behind it: my dear friend Daniela (Ratza) kind of had access to some molding equipment and she’s been talking about this piece of chocolate pendant for a very long time! I loved her idea, but I never imagined I’d get one too! :D She actually made several and spread them among good friends and I was lucky enough to get on that special list :) so I got one too for Christmas.
    Before the Christmas holiday, when I got back to the office on a Monday (she was already on holiday) I noticed a little yellow post-it on my desk telling me to check the top-drawer… And this is what I found inside:


It really is amazing and looks very real and delicious – it make you wanna take a bite or run to the store and buy yourself a white chocolate <3

  • This little gray baby here (you might have seen it already on my FB page) I got from a dear colleague of mine! She’s a real fashionista and a style inspiration for everyone at the office – or wherever she goes… so at the beginning of December she noticed I started this little Mice Blog and wanted me to feel inspired so I could make this little thing work micely! :)
    Thank you lovely lady, Corina!
    And girls, go check her  FB page – I promise you’ll love it – Macramoi!


  • No Christmas without body care products! :) I got this two lovely products from Avon. They smell A-MAZE-ING and they both have this gold-ish look that I just LOVE! The Shower gel even has golden sparkles inside the gel itself! It’s like taking a bath in gold! WOOOW! :)

avon-1 avon 2

  • Another gorgeous thing I got is this jewelry stander! It was an office not-so-Secret-Santa thing and I was lucky enough to receive a gift from a dear old friend of mine that knows my every passion and pleasure. She knows I started sewing and I really want to start making my own ‘dresses’ and also knows I need a small push from time to time! So she got me this wonderful gift to remind me every day of my pleasures and wishes – fashion and sewing! Thank you dear Deniss! :* It is really gorgeous and it is actually one of those things you like admiring in shops but never get to buy them for yourself! I just love it! <3


The two cute penguins you see hanging on it ‘represent’ us, always next to each other! We haven’t figured out yet which one is me and which one is her but what matters is that we’re together! :D


  • And the last and most amazing Gift I have ever received. I told you a little something about it here and here but I never told you what it was or made the connection between the two posts! :D


My baby bought this box (empty) when we were searching for presents for the dear ones. I knew it was for me, but I had no idea what it would contain…

Christmas-gifts-unwrapping-time arrived. I opened this last and saw a blank piece of paper that did not fit quite well inside the box… I figured it was just meant to create drama and it was actually covering something else in the box so I asked: Is it moving or alive? :))

I started to lift the piece of paper up very carefully, trying to see what’s underneath… there was nothing!

Then it finally hit me: It’s something with this piece of paper! So I lifted it up slowly to see what’s on the other side…


…and that’s when I started crying!


He knew about my obsession with make-up and my wish to take a class and he made it happen! He knew I did not have the money to make this happen soon, so he made a tremendous effort to make my wish come true as soon as possible!

I cried a lot, I called him nuts and hugged him and thanked him 3 days in a row! And I’ll thank him forever for this amazing gift and for all the support he’s giving me for all the things I want to do! Thank you. Love! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The story behind: I wished for a make-up course since I was in high-school but never had the money to do it. I started college and finally got a job. But with a job, you can’t go to make-up classes from morning to the afternoon as you are… working… :(

A few years back week-end and after-work Make-up classes started to take shape… so I saw the opportunity but I was either working too much or again could not spare the money…

I spent 2014 online researching all the make-up schools and I decided that when I was going to do this I’ll definitely go to the DallesGo classes (website here)! And I shared this information with my baby boy, as I tell him everything…not that it mattered in any way at that time – it was just small talk after a day of work…

Well…a few month later I discovered it mattered a lot as he ended up getting me the most amazing gift ever!

So, this January, on 19 actually, I’m starting may official make-up classes! Yaaaay! Thank you again my love! :*

And girls, I promise I’ll keep you posted and updated on how it goes! :D

That’s it with the Christmas gifts!

I’m waiting for the Birthday gifts now…tonight…tomorrow… I might even decide to receive gifts all year long :P – just kidding! I really need no gifts! I want my friend and family close!  That’s all!

So, what did you receive for Christmas? Did you blog about them – just share the link! :*

Don’t forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and follow me on Facebook, Instagram or/and Bloglovin’! I’m all over the place! :P

Lots of love goes your way, from my little mice house to yours! :*


4 thoughts on “My long overdue Christmas gifts + The most Amazing Gift EVER!

  1. Lovely gifts you have there :) I also dream of attending the DallesGo classes, I’ve been tempted by Diana Ionescu make-up artist if you know her :D Btw, I have Fifty Bags that Changed the World from Fulvia, also as a gift, we’re book-mates hehe. I don’t know if I remember correctly, but you mentioned something about your birthday being this weekend. If that’s the case, have a lovely party with lovely presents (although I don’t think anything can beat that voucher) and keep up the good work on your blog! Best wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my dear! I promise to post updates every week on how the class goes! After all the research, DallesGo was the best for me and I’m really excited to start the classes! I don’t know how but I intend to do all the modules :) and I really hope you will get to join their classes too! I never had a book-mate :D – that’s really cute! Thanks again very much for your wishes! :* <3


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