AURA Cosmetics… Who are you?!? :)

Good day to you my ladies!

I don’t know if you have seen my Instagram post from a week or two ago but let me refresh your memory: I went on a small shopping-spree at DM late at night when I was returning home for work and under the pretext that I needed some hand-soap I got into the store and ‘lost’ myself for a couple of hours among the shelves and products, and, as usual, I ended up buying some new ‘toys’. :D

I’m not ready to make a review on all of them and I’m sure you’re not really interested on how well the shower-cap fits my head :)) but I’m ready to tell you my first thoughts on the new brand I discovered at DM: AURA Cosmetics!

Some new 'toys' - as I like to call them :)
Some new ‘toys’ – as I like to call them :)

(if you wanna skip the story of my DM adventure scroll down to the next picture…)

So my adventure in the DM store started as a quest for a new hand-soap but I ended up at home with the 7 guys above and no soap :))) …So me! :))))

Anyway, I kind of added things into my basket, walked around the store for 10 minutes then put some products back in their places and I eventually decided to try to limit my purchases…

So… the shower-cap: I really needed it so I could start my Coconut-oil hair treatments and the nail-file was also a MUST as the old one was broken and really messed up. Just to get these out-of-the-way! :)

The Balea – Trend It Up Volume Powder, the Eel Anti-acne lotion and the Lovea Thermal Water were simple curiosities. They were actually pretty cheap, and my only thought was: “Why not? Cheap and fun!”. The Balea and Eel products kind of caught my eye with the colorful packaging and the small price and Lovea was actually the smallest and cheapest version available of such a product – I’m still struggling to understand, evaluate and hopefully appreciate the thermal water products…

And then, very naturally in a DM store, my feet guided me to the make-up products aisle (where I normally get stuck for a veeeeery long time).

We get to the usual stands: Rimmel, Miss Sporty, Revlon, Astor, S-he etc… so, we make the necessary stop to each and every-one of them, analyze what’s new, what would our make-up kit need in addition, check out all the nail polishes, test some products and colors…

Without even realizing I was naturally sliding from one stand to the next one, adding or removing products to and from my basket… Until it finally hit me!!! The stand of AURA cosmetics!

I stared LOOONG and HAAARD at the products asking myself: “Who are you, AURA Cosmetics, and what do you want from me?” :D

I checked out all the products then double checked the prices… Triple checked the prices! And I decided: WOW! I HAVE TO TRY THIS!!! So, I bought myself one cute colored nail polish and one mascara.

I tried testing the nail polish first, but some photo-sessions came along and I had to change my nails color… and unfortunately I haven’t got the chance to redo my nails since…

But, no worries, my little gorgeous color! I shall put you to the endurance test sooooon! Mu-ha-ha! :D

Now, moving to the very cute looking box of mascara…

Impress Aura Mascara – Look Of Passion (Volume)

At first, I fell in love with the packaging! Very playful yet sexy and intimate because of the hand written font! – need I remind you that I’m an Art Director by day and I am attracted to all things a little more ‘daring’ in terms of design or things that simply stand out from the category :D.

I also liked the monochromatic theme and the clean and light design!

Then, I check out the brush! – I hate silicone brushes… there I said it! I always tend to go towards the classical mascara brushes as all the others I tested did not work quite well for me… and I prefer to stick to what I like and can control! – So, I was ecstatic when I discovered it had a ‘normal’ brush as I call it. Yaay!

It's precious 'normal' brush! <3
It’s precious ‘normal’ brush! <3

Then came along the tough decision: volume or length… Some an-tan-te’s later… Volume it is! :)

And I got home, open it and tried it!

Ok! Kind of a cute effect… But does it last? Does it flake?

So almost two weeks have passed, and I’ve worn this mascara every day at work: from 9 AM to even 10 PM sometimes and it really stays in its place! :)

Before & After

So what I like about this new AURA Mascara:
– deep black color
– visible effect after one coat
– really makes my lashes look fuller and gives them more volume
– it even gives them more lengths – even though it’s not the promise the ‘name’ makes
– it stays ON THE LASHES not under the eyes for at least 12h
– it cleans out really easy – I use some make-up remover tissues I got from Wjcon (they are really really amazing… but about them in a future post :D)
– it’s pretty cheap :D – I don’t know the full price, but I bought it on sales with only 13.99 Lei

The only thing I don’t like about it is when I try to apply a second layer. It makes my lashes look and feel kind of heavy and the load of product makes the lashes stick to each other and I end up with 3-4 big ‘chunks’ of lashes. :))) It’s not something a pair of tweezers or a lash comb couldn’t fix! But I like my mascara to be the easiest thing to apply as we all get those days when we’re in a hurry and we don’t really have time for more than a blush and some mascara!

It’s definitely not the mascara of my life but I’m surely gonna re-purchase it at some point!

It’s a very small investment so it won’t really affect my ‘pocket’ and I won’t get hysterical in case it dries-up in my make-up kit but I like the effect and the way it wears out! So I think it’s worth it! ;)

DM Romania websitehere & Facebook page – here
AURA Cosmetics websitehere & Facebook page – here

Did any of you beauties try out anything from Aura Cosmetics? What do you think about their products?

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Hugs and kisses go your way, from my little mice house to yours! :*


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