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Mice home-made Ombre Hair w. L’Oreal Wild Ombres

Hello mice ladies!

It’s been a week since I had some fun with my hair, but, busy as usual, I had to wait (too long if you ask me) to share this with you!

So, the story goes like this: I’m a big fan of long hair, but mine is very thin and soft so it’s kind of a pain in the a** to make it look nice every day… Yet I keep struggling not to cut it… And so, from time to time, I get bored with it, and SNAP! – I have to do something right that second to spice it up a little.

That’s how I ended up last Friday night dying my hair! :D

HOW?!?! :D


*what you see blurred in the picture is a ‘second step’ – something else I want to do to my hair – but could not find the time to do it yet…

Well, all I needed was a crazy thought stuck to my head, a trip to DM and a home-alone night! :D

Moving on to the actual dying process:

What I used was the L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombres nr. 2 I bought from DM. The box comes with everything you need to dip-dye your hair + instructions that I forgot to ‘tag’ in the picture below :D

Inside the box
Inside the box

The instructions you get in the box are pretty easy to follow all you need ‘extra’ is the patience to go throught the process and the waiting time (25-45 min) and a t-shirt you’re ready to destroy as this is most probably going to get really messy if you do it on you’re own :D

I’ll explain the entire process down below but please excuse my bad quality pictures – my camera battery died so I had to use my phone and at some point, all the lights in my house went out (something burned out in the electric panel :D) so I only got my desk lamp on as I still had power in the plugs :))))

1. You need to find an old t-shirt or a towel you’re ready to mess up and prepare your hair: brush it well, section it into two and bring these sections on the sides.

1 Prepare hair

2. Decide how far up you want you’re ombre to go. You can either tie two small rubber-bands  in your hair to mark the end of your ombre, or just trust yourself and put the product in with care, making sure it’s equal on both sides.

*You’ll see that I started off with the hair-bands, but I took them off at some point as it felt like I wasn’t getting the product in my hair evenly. I just went on carefully making sure I wasn’t going to high-up with the product and that it was applied equally on both sides.

2 how much ombre

3. Then, you start preparing the mixture: open the bottle containing the developer cream, pour the bleaching powder over the cream and then add the lightning cream. Put the cap back on and give it a good shake until it all mixes up. :D

3a Mix

3b Mix

4. Put the gloves on – mine were black so I even played around a bit as it looked pretty creepy in my poor light :)))) – open the top cap of the bottle and prepare for the big mess.

4 Gloves

5. Spreading the product in your hair is going to be pretty easy, as you get to use the special brush that comes in the box. You have to spread the product on the brush in between the bristles and then simply brush your hair.

I started with the ends of my hair and worked my way up to the place I wanted my ombre to end. This way, the ends of the hair are going to be brighter then the rest and the ombre will be more gradual and natural looking.

5a apply

5b apply

6. Wait 25-45 minutes – depending on your hair or how bright you want your ombre to be. !!! DEFINITELY NO LONGER THEN 45min !!!!


7. Wash your hair! First make sure you get all the product off your hair using JUST warm water – don’t apply any shampoo or conditioned. After your hair is squeaky clean, you can apply your regular shampoo + the conditioner you were given in the box. As my hair was clean (washed it in the morning) I decided to only apply the conditioner on my newly died tips.

7 wash

8. Blow-dry your hair or wait for it to dry on itself (again it’s up to you or your regular hair routine). I kind of have to blow-dry it because as I’ve told you, my hair is very thin and soft and I need to give it some volume.

I first apply a heat-protectant spray – the one I’m using/trying-out right now is this DM – Balea one – and then I blow-dry my hair upside-down to just give it a little bit of volume.

8 dry&style

And THAT’S IT!!! My/your beautiful Ombre is ready to be admired! :)

Here are some more pictures I took that night! And again excuse my poor-lighted pictures and my no-make-up face… :D








Pros L’Oreal Wild Ombres:
– it contains everything you need for a nice ombre color
– you have 3 different boxes to choose from depending on your natural hair color
– it is very easy to use
– the brush it comes with really does wonders! It helps you spread the dye very nice and avoid those clear and defined lines between your hair color and the died tips

Small Cons L’Oreal Wild Ombres:
– I don’t really know how well it works on previous died hair (my hair was all natural before applying the product)
– a bit pricey especially if you have fuller hair and you need more then one box
– hair smells funny a couple of days after you use it

I love how it turned out, and I’m really excited about my new look! <3

How do you, my mice ladies, like my new hair?!? :D Did you try out L’Oreal Wild Ombres? What do you think?

Thanks for visiting and reading! :) Don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe!

Huge kisses from my little mice house to yours! :*


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