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ReFashion: old dress to a very mice skirt!

Welcome back my dears!

I think it’s time I start talking about another subject and topic that I absolutely adore: SEWING!

One of my first posts was kind of scratching the surface of this great passion of mine – if you want you can check it out here –  but because of this crazy-busy-complicated-period-in-my-life, my 2 lovely sewing machines are catching-dust somewhere in the house… I know that I won’t be able to return to them any time soon… but at least I can soothe my craving by talking to you about some already completed sewing projects that I really enjoyed messing around with and that I am very proud of. <3

So let this be the first post of a series of sewing projects (not necessarily re-fashions) and may this series never end! :D …so help me God :))))

Moving on to the actual project… What you’re going to read and see below is one of my first re-fashion projects.

It all started at a second-hand store in my home town. I found all these beautiful pieces… they were almost all ugly as dresses (in terms of tailoring/cut) and waaaay too big for me, but I fell in love with the prints, the combinations of colors and the fabric itself -> yes, that’s the way I shop in second-hand stores; I never look for something that fits me or a cut that I like; I look for patterns or fabric or colors I like and think right there, on the spot, about what I could afterwards turn them into.

When I got home, obviously my head was stuck on one particular dress! I knew exactly what I was going to turn it into and so the measuring, cutting and sewing began. This is what the dress looked like when I bought it:

original dress
My face sais all there is to know about this dresses cut…

As you can see, if I struggled a bit, I would have made two dresses out of it. It was very big, too long for my taste and the upper part of the dress was simply hideous… But I loved the colors, the big white and well defined flowers and especially, I loved the bottom sharp striped part – that’s the print in one piece – there is no sewing line between the flowers pattern and the striped bottom pattern! <3

So let’s turn this into a lovely short skirt, with loose ruffles and high waist… Let’s measure,cut and sew the skirt: Cut&Sew Then we prepare the waistband, add some lining so it stays nice and straight, pin it to the top of the skirt and sew again: Cut&Sew Cut&Sew Finally we ad the zipper – I used the one that was already on the dress and as you can see it was way too long for my skirt, but as it is my own skirt it doesn’t actually bother me – pin it down, sew it in place and close off the waistband: Cut&Sew Cut&Sew

So that’s it! :) My cute little summer-fancy-skirt is ready! Unfortunately, right now I only have one AFTER-picture… I honestly could not find the time (or the photographer…) to do a proper shooting that this baby deserves, but I promise that as soon as I do, I shall update this post with some more pictures.


That’s it for today! Leave a comment below and tell me what you think! Do you like it? Do you wanna see more of my sewing projects? And here is another picture, as a thank-you gift for following and reading my blog! :))


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Lots of love goes your way, from my little mice house to yours! :*


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