Summer obsession: Confetti nails! #Melkior #NPOTD

Hello my dears,

I’m not really back on track with my schedule but at least I’m posting something each week – and that’s progress, considering my activity here in the past month :)))

So here is thees week’s post! I’m gonna show you today the most amazing nail-polish I’ve ever seen! The nail polish I’ve been dreaming about in the past few months! The nail polish I’ll obsess over this summer!

I’m telling you – this baby rocks the nail polish world!!! I’ve been wearing it to work for a couple of days last week and everybody I’ve been in contact with – including men – were amazed by how gorgeous it is!



What? You thought it was some king of glitter?!?! :P

Well, it’s like glitter particles but not glittery – they are matte and different sizes! Just like teeny-tiny confetti!!! <3 <3 <3


… and yes, I know my hands were not that ready for pictures! But who cares with that amazing polish? :P

Seriously now, my hands are really dray and ‘flaky’ for some time and no matter how much lotion or oil I feed them with it seems to not be enough…




OMG! I Sooo LOOOOVE THIS BABY!!!! Thank you Melkior for bringing this beauty into my life! <3

I can hardly wait to see how this wears off – but I have a feeling that it’s gonna act like a glitter and it won’t come off even when I want it too :))) – and afterwards try it out with different colors underneath!!! <3 OMG!!! So many possibilities!!!

You can find this beauty in any Melkior shop or online here.

The nail polish is actually called SILENT NIGHT… but I don’t really think of Christmas when I look at it. For me it’s more like summer craziness, fun, sun, pastels… and that’s why I re-named it ‘SUMMER CONFETTI’ :D

And if you didn’t click the link by now, know that this adorable thing costs only 29 Lei.

So, mice ladies, what do you think of it? Have you tried any other Melkior nail polishes?

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Lots of love goes your way, from my little mice house to yours! :*


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