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Make-up classes at DallesGo! – Part 1

My dear friends,

After a long period of writing-abstinence, here I am, finally putting together the the story of my make-up classes.

As some of you may remember, I got a very special Christmas gift last year > see it here > a voucher for a Beginners Make-up Class at DallesGo, and so, starting Januray 2015, my make-up learning-journey begun. <3 <3 <3

All mak-up courses at DallesGo, are 3 month long, with one ‘meeting’ per week, starting at 18:30 and ending up…when you finish :))) There are also 3 modules: beginners, advanced and pro and you have two great teachers you can choose from.

Theory demo
Theory demo

The beginners class was amazing! I made a lot of good friends among my colleagues and the people at DallesGo, I started practicing this passion on people…other then myself :)))) but, I can clearly state that the most importantly thing that happened was meeting and getting to know my teacher: Narcisa Simandan.

Narcisa – besides her amazing talent, work experience and dedication – is the most amazing and wonderful and beautiful person I’ve ever meet! She is so very kind and loving, warm, always positive, open, friendly…

Honestly, words aren’t enough! You’d have to meed her, if only for 10 minutes, and you’d know exactly what I mean! <3

Narcisa in action <3
Thank you, Narcisa, for everything you taught us!
Thank you, Narcisa, for everything you taught us! …not just the art of make-up! <3

If any of you are interested in the class, here is a link that should be useful.

But, if you are like me (it took me one year of research to decide what school to choose) and need further evidence that DallesGo is a very good choice keep reading. :)

It all starts with an introduction of what this class is, what you’ll learn, what make-up is :) – and yes, it’s ART – and you also get to know your colleagues, where and when their passion for make-up begun and what they plan to do after this class.

The first lessons are about skin: skin structure, basic knowledge; skin types; skin tones; skin problems. You learn different methods to identify skin tones and sub-tones, what products to use for different skin types and ways to cover skin problems.

testing skin tone theories...
Testing skin tone theories…is it warm or cold? Is it pink or yellow? Look at her veins… :))))

Then, the face geometry begins. Look around you and identify each face shape, then learn tricks to correct each type of face. How to apply the contouring, what to hide, what to accentuate, where and how to apply the blush or the highlighter. Because no, we’re not all KimK, and each face shape, eyes shape or moth shape, needs it’s own contouring. Tricky business this light and shadow ‘paining’. ;)

Ok…thta’s almost it with the face…NOOOOOT! We might be able to identify a square face or a diamond shaped one…but guess what? Thing gets ‘harder’ as you also have to take intro consideration the eye shape, mouth shape, and proportions of the face… Yaaaay! More correcting to do… or more accents to do! Depends on a lot of stuff…

But trust me, as it gets more complicated, it gets more and more beautiful and addictive and amazing…

After you learned how to ‘map’ a face intro your head in order to know what to do, you have to learn some basic color theory. Why? Because you must know why and how colors combine. What accentuates what. What colors, tones, shades help you enlarge, shrink, accentuate or fade certain things in make-up. Why do you use 2 ore 3 or 7 colors and why those 2 or 3 or 7 exact colors. And because you first have to know the rules before you break them.

via Paper Leaf

After you learned all these BASIC things, you start practicing on the most basic and classical looks like: monochromatic or bi-color make-up, smokey eyes, cat eyes.

We had enough fun with all the make-up styles… It’s time to go back to serious s*** :) The Lips shape and their correction plus the magical blush that finishes up a look and how you choose it to be in perfect harmony with the rest of the make-up.

Neutral vs Natural Make-up? Another tricky question and two very difficult make-ups to do. We didn’t get it right the first time…  I lie to myself that no-one dose :)))) But as you’ll see in my future posts, practice makes perfect, and by the advanced class, we were able to achieve the much desired natural look.<3

Then the soft-glam part, and also end of the class comes, when you learn the difference between a day make-up and an evening one, the importance of the light source and how it affects the make-up.

My 1st mak-up
My 1st mak-up… no actual training before….
Starting to learn about shape corrections ;)
…first FAILED attempt at a smokey… on constantly crying eyes…
Hold your breath > and try the liner… (I still hold my breath when I do this step =)))) )
Now let’s try some color…
…and a little twist! :)

And that is the end of a three month crazy colored journey that I very much enjoyed together with Narcisa, my colleagues and my new friends at Dalles Go.

Next week we’ll talk about Make-up Classes, stage 2… Stay tuned! ;)

Did you guys take any make-up classes? Go ahead and share your stories so others can use them to choose the school that fits them and feel free to ask me any questions that cross your mind! ;)

Don’t forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and follow me on Facebook,Instagram or/and Bloglovin’! I’m all over the place! :P

Lots of love goes your way, from my little mice house to yours! :*


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