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Make-up classes at DallesGo! – Part 3

Hola chicas!

As always, I’m late with my little blog posts… Yet I heard people saying something like ‘better late then never’ :) so… here we are with part 3 of my Make-up story.

[In case you missed the other two here is part 1 and part 2.And so, after almost 5 months of constantly spending my nights at DallesGo :)… this is when the Advanced class begins.

We’re back in Narcisa’s shop :) to start learning some techniques, test new products and unleash our creative side little by little.

Pics or it didn’t happen?!?! Here they are (some of them):

My first bridal make-up attempt :)
first attempt at pencil technique…
2nd attempt – pencil technique
Stage/runway makeup


My “modern” geisha
My sweet pin-up girl! <3


The advanced class is also when fun shootings began. What shootings – you might ask…

Well, if you are not aware, at DallesGo lots of wonderful classes happen: acting, photography, hair-styling, fashion design, interior design, styling, cooking, social media and lots more > check website for more info ;)

And so, from time to time, special shootings happen, where a photographer, a stylist, a make-up artist and a hair-stylist work together to create that perfect picture. It’s usually the project of one member of the team while the other 3 persons involved bring their knowledge and experience and build on the original idea.

It’s really fun, creative, challenging and very much rewarding when you see the final result. Even though you don’t get any money out of it you get the chance to meet new nice people soon to get intro the ‘industry’, you get to build or extend your portfolio and you also get a closer view on how real shootings happen, the problems that might come up and stuff like that.

I’ll just leave these pictures here, and promise I’ll be back with details on each of them, and of course, I’ll be back with the final pictures ;)







At the end of the advanced class… you have to take the final exam and get your diploma. It’s a one day intense experience…

You start off in the morning preparing your model. Layer after layer, color after color, blending, blending, blending… more layers…

Then every bone in your body shakes heavily for about 5 minutes while you present/explain your make-up in front of the ministry commission and one of your teachers.

After that you get a small break and invade your body with tons of coffee and positive emotion while waiting for all your colleagues to present.

When everybody is done, your heart starts beating fast again, as you got one more step to get to the end: the written exam. You grab a pen, take a sit and feel 19 again :))))… Multiple choice questions, with tricky answers…

Another long and ‘painful’ break comes: waiting for the exam commission to go through and check every paper.

But, as good things come to those who wait (I don’t actually believe that, but it sounds good as an introduction :D)… in agony and despair… you eventually get your final score, and you can officially call yourself a make-up artist <3

…or at least that’s what happened to me :))))

Exam pictures:



So? What do you think? :)


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Lots of love goes your way, from my little mice house to yours! :*



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