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Make-up classes at DallesGo! – Part 4

Hola chicas!

It’s time to get a little more into details about those shooting I was telling you about in Part 3 of our story and how my first shootings went. :)

So DallesGo puts together teams of stylists, hair-stylists, make-up artists and photographers to create different projects, from school ‘home-works’ to personal ideas and even certain brands or publications.


The first real shooting is always the hardest – no matter what you have to do, who you’re working with, how easy your theme is or how ‘low-pressure’ the project is. Even if it’s the simplest thing ever, your hand is going to start shaking and your heart start rushing.

I told myself: ‘DO NOT PANIC!’ :)

It’s hard until you actually start working on your model. Once you lay down your first brush stroke everything will fall into place – ‘it’s something normal, you love what you’re doing, it’s fun..’ – there’s nothing to panic about. Your heart beat will slow down, your hand-shaking will seem natural and you’ll work your way around it and you’ll just calm down and go with the flow. 

Then you wake up at the and and wonder when did time pass by and how did you manage to pull everything off…

Or at least that’s what happened to me :)))))


My first shooting was a total mess :)))

Not because of my crazy emotions, not because of my also emotional colleagues, not because of my inpatient models or my insufficient make-up kit but because… a model did’t show up and we were running out of time, so I had to pull off two ‘crazy’ make-ups in half the time…and even worse, on two gorgeous models that already had make-up on from the previous shootings that had nothing to do with the look I was suppose to do :))) And guess what? I had to work my way around it, change a bit the initial idea and make it work under the circumstances… over and around the existing make-up…

It was crazy stressful… but at the end it also was crazy amazing! :)

It’s one thing when you theoretically talk and learn about tips and tricks to use in shootings, how or what is the best product to use as a replacement when your kit is not complete, or how to change a make-up into something else…

But all you learned might not be helpful...

Theoretically, you plan your make-up changes on a model according to the outfits and the desired shooting outcome. But it gets crazy when this change in makeup is not planned and it gets a lot crazier when it’s not even your own make-up to change, so you have to do ‘magic tricks’ over someone else’s work.

Theoretically it’s very easy – and cheap- to make a face look paler or turn eyebrows or lashes white… but what can you do when all you got is a white pencil?

And again, in theory it’s easy to remove the eye makeup and leave the rest of the face… in practice, it gets complicated when you have to remove a heavy and pretty extended smoky eye…


Anyways, I had to pull myself together and face each and every challenge as it came along. 

Enough talking… let’s see some pictures:





I’ll be back with part 5 of my story about my other shootings during the advanced class and some-time soon, I hope I’ll manage to gather all my pictures and finish up the post about the Make-up Pro Classes. :)

…and hopefully start another story: My shootings that happened after my classes..

and sometime-soon catch up with my present day activities :)))

…Yes, I know..  I have to write more often for that to happen…. :|


So? Any thoughts? :)

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Lots of love goes your way, from my little mice house to yours! :*








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